Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dy-no-mite D!

Many years ago, rush-hour commuters from Brighton Beach to Manhattan were often treated to the pleasure of riding the "Dy-no-mit­e D," so named by its host: a chatty, friendly, funny conductor who used the intercom to interact with riders. At every station, he welcomed us aboard and provided a time check and weather update. He reminded folks to be courteous and give up their seats to any elderly people he saw boarding ("OK Car No 1. Somebody give a seat to that gentleman with the cane.). He admonished folks not to push, assuring us "there's room for everyone aboard the Dy-no-mite D," served as a tour guide of the neighborho­ods we were passing through, and just generally made the morning commute a literal joy ride.

Jeesh, I miss him.


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