Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Samuel L. Jackson vs. the A Train

Say what you want about rats on this m%thaf#ckin' train, Sam Jackson has his own issues with the subway.

This Daily Show clip is probably the thing that gave me the whole idea for this blog, years and years ago.

Jon Stewart himself said this was the wildest subway story he'd ever heard.

Here's a quote....

"I myself was dragged by a subway train. Years ago, in 1990. I was getting off the train, a lady dropped her bag, and I stopped to pick up her stuff. Had one foot on the platform, one foot on the train, and the door shut and the train took off. I got dragged the length of the platform! Luckily I was in the last car, I was a car and a half away from the tunnel before someone pulled the emergency cord. It ripped my ACL to shreds. And I sued the shit out of the MTA!"

Samuel L. Jackson, from Time Out New York

(Who would have guessed that Samuel L. Jackson would find the subways more stressful than flying?)

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