Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Missed Connections

What are people thinking on Missed Connections on Craigslist?

This ineffable encounter...a stranger shooting some furtive glances your way. We all dream of finding that person. But really, what are the chances? Zero, really.

Here are some noble attempts.

Let us know if you know of anyone who has met up with a stranger on the subway... or better yet, after the subway, from missed connections.

Girl on 1 subway with a budweiser bar glass in jacket pocket (116 st) - m4w - 25 (Upper West Side)

I was laughing at the glass. You saw me laugh at the glass and then you laughed. I got off at 116 and I watched you leave on the train as you watched me on the platform.

If you can describe what I was wearing and my hair color I would like to get coffee or tea...depends on my mood that day.


Saw you at the downtown F Broadway-Lafayette station two Saturdays ago, the 22nd. There was a guy playing saxophone while we waited for the train. You were wearing a peacoat over a leather jacket. You and I were both wearing fedoras. You were carrying a Apple TV in your hand which was funny because I had just bought one too.When we got on the train there was a little boy in a stroller between us. I got off at Delancey St.

F Train ~ 8:15 2/1 - m4w - 33 (East Village)


Your cute ear muffs and jacket perfectly complimented your green eyes. The rest of you looked pretty great too. But the mischievous glint in your eyes and half smile made you memorable. Thanks for the great mental snapshot of a beautiful, fun stylish new york woman on such a nasty day outside. I hope Chelsea treats you well today.

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