Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pink Boa on Wall Street

Of all the places in the city, draped over a phone at the Wall Street 2-3 station. A pink boa where the only Pink you expect is Thomas Pink shirts, and you secretly expect someone to shine your shoes just emerging from the station.

Thank you, leaver of pink boa at Wall Street Station.

You have put a smile on the face of many, today.

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  1. Addendum, to non-New Yorkers,
    as put in a comment by S.:
    Sure, that livens it up, but, it just screams trashy.

    Trashy, yes. But the location was key--Wall Street, a bastion of self-importance and white collar crime, lined with luxury retail and fortified with every anti terrorist barrier known to man (when a head of state comes, they even have snipers on the rooftops.) A trashy pink boa? Well placed.