Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Responses from Stuck in an Elevator....

I am at the 168th and/or 181st St. subway stations five days a week (I work in the neighborhood). There are no stairs at either station. Every single day I ride the elevators, I think about what would happen in case of a fire or serious problem in those stations. And I also wonder how the city is allowed to get away with it. And by the way, the 168th St station has GOT to be the dirtiest one in NYC.

There are no stairs at 181. You feel like you're buried alive when you're waiting for the train at that station.

To the MTA: can you send someone to clean bloods splatter on the north bound platform. Thanks.


I was on the elevator. We were going to Casa de Mofongo for my birthday dinner. 28 people in there, it was interesting.

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