Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something to think about when you stare at strangers on the bus

Apparently, yesterday, in Bushwick, an assailant in a blue hoodie shot an 18 year old teenager on the B60 bus.
Reason given: They got in a staring contest. Victim said, "he kept staring at me, so I stared back."
Apparently the teenager was shot just after he alerted the driver too stop.
Details are still emerging.

Here's a security video below.

Look, the guy in the blue hoodie, running away: "I shot a man in Bushwick, cause I didn't like his eyes."

Crime took place on the corner of Myrtle and Wilson avenues, just blocks from the 83rd precinct.

From a witness Jose Vasquez: "The dude who did it had no conscience."

Here's a quote from a bystander, via NY!:
"The cops came around asking questions. They said they picked up a couple of passengers a few stops up, next to Grove. They got into an altercation. Somebody pulled out, shot twice," said a bystander.

So, if you see a guy in a blue hollister hoodie, still running, say something..

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