Monday, May 2, 2011

The special characters on the train....

Since I didn't live in NYC, I certainly didn't have the opportunity to witness as much...but, there's always 1 silly story I like to tell. When I was a kid, back around the early 70's, I was riding the Flushing line with my brother on our way to a Mets game. The car was a bit crowded, and
there was this one guy...I'd say early 20's...jet black curly hair and a beard leaning against the door. Not that that in itself was strange...but, he also had a microphone with the wire shoved into his pants pocket. He also had these old paper drinking straws stuck in his ears (Side note: not the plastic drinking straws we know today, back then, they were thinner and made of rolled paper, and the bottom of the straw would get all soggy and crumbled half-way through drinking your soda rendering the straw useless.). Anyway, he had the straws in his ears, and would dance around his area by the door singing, “Be a vegetarian and you’ll be as young as me, La-de-daa, la-de-daa. He would then stop his singing and dancing, and shove the microphone into people’s faces as like a news reported asking for comments. Now, if the guy was actually 70 years old, great! But, me thinks he was a tad off…


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