Monday, January 31, 2011

Dr. Zizmor--and his namesake

I remember being 15 and using the NYC subways for the first time by myself. I remember the old Redbird trains, clattering along the Lexington Avenue line.

And I remember the ads for a doctor, who promised, with a rainbow, that you, too, could have beautiful clear skin.

Who is this Dr. Zizmor....who for decades has created the kitchiest and most memorable ads in the New York City Subway?

One goal of this blog is to find out more about this man, with the rainbows and the beautiful clear skin.

A friend of mine from college, also impressed by the posters, once got a pet rat. Rats equal subways, and subways, somehow, equal Dr. Z.

Here's a picture of my friend's rat, Zizmor. She's a very lovable, friendly, and domesticated non-subway rat. A fine pet.

(p.s. check out zizmor's human's blog here)

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  1. The rat was named Zizmor because she was hairless and looked like she had a skin condition. ;) I miss her!