Monday, March 21, 2011

Panhandler Ploy....

I went to get an E train at 5th Avenue & 53rd Street, and at the bottom of the stairs/escalators onto the Queens Bound platform there was a beggar asking for money. He was in a wheelchair with semmingly no legs and stubs. So I gave him a few bucks. I was younger like 16-18. Right after I put the $$ in his cup this cop came over, took the $$ out of the cup gave it to me, and said "watch" and he goes and grabs the guy barehanded under the guys armpits and I started getting upset at the guy's humiliation and getting upset with the cop, but within seconds the cop lifted the guy and the legs fell out from a secret compartment, I was speechless. The cop put the guy down on his legs and dude can stand! That now makes me never give $$. Boy did I apologize to that cop lol


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