Friday, March 11, 2011

Unclaimed Wheelchair leads to Unexpected "Miracle"

Let me contribute here. Many years ago, I was in charge if the lost & found in Grand Central Terminal. There was an abandonded wheelchair that wound up there & left unclamed for several months.

At the time, my dad was termilally ill & sent can guess the rest why, so we could have used the wheelchair to help the guy get around & save a few bucks. I asked my boss if I could have it & he said ok.

After spending a few quid at McCanns saloon after work, it was time to go to my folks home in Woodside & drop off the wheelchair.

So with a serious buzzer on, I bring the wheelchair on to the 7 train at Grand Central for my trip to 61 st. in Woodside, Queens. I get on the last car & its already crowded but im able to maneuver the wheelchair up against the rear window of the last car. No seat?? no problem! I unfold the chair & have a seat up against the RFW door.

So Im sittin down there in my comfy wheelchair & crowds come & go. By the time we got to Rawson St, there was a much different crowd on the train than what left Grand Central. Im sitin there mindin my buisness when we get close to 61st Woodside. "61st Woodside next stop, change for the LIRR downstairs" the conductor barks over the tinny pa system that the R36 train car's had then.

So as we start braking for my stop, I calmly get up, fold up the wheelchair & head for the soon to be opened last set of double doors of the 11th car.

At that moment, eyes open, jaws & newspapers drop & one overemotional hispanic woman shreaks," Oh MY God... then something in slurred spanish..then another Oh MY god" & she starts blessing herself.

Then she starts tugging the arm of the guy next to her & screams" he can walk now..he can walk now!! a miracle!!"
As the doors close, I blow her a kiss thru the window from the plarform & give her a hand gestured sign of the cross.

Then went to Sweenys downstairs, had a night cap & savored thinking of the "miricle" this woman went to bed that night thinking she saw.

Remember that like it was yesterday.

--Fisk Ave Jim

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