Friday, June 10, 2011

Fine Conductors

Words of experience from Train Man Paul

To be honest, 3 people I can note who definitely fit that bill, one is a trainer for conductors here at MNR, who thinks very highly of me and my abilities and even goes out her way to get student conductors on OJT to be on my trains as much as possible (extremely flattering, and yes the extra hour is good too, but yes it does feel good to impart good work ethic on the new folks, and have someone promoting you in that respect!!)....and yes, she does call me "#1" (not said or meant in any conceded way, just expressing how I am dubbed, so that is clear!!).

Second, was one of the very first conductors in the TA I did OJT with, who thought very highly about my interest in the business, and how confident I was and comfortable I was on my very first day (which was on the D out of Coney Island for OJT), and she went out of her way to make me feel more than welcome aboard, which I remember and do appreciate to this very day!! :-)

Third, another conductor, who I last saw when working the E out of Parsons-Archer, who got to know me and my interest in the job and business and from how he interpreted my work ethic, he always stated....."You are definitely destined for bigger and better things in this business, I know it!!:. A great guy and I hope he still on the road in Queens Division (though I suspect he might have retired by now!!)

It's these experiences one always will remember until the day one retires from service!!! And I strive to become one, whom someday, will be as talked about in a respective and positive light as this guy is, and maybe someday be someone people whom trained on my trains, or met me and befriended me in service, can say "his words, actions and ethic made a difference in my life here"!! :-)

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