Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Interview with the people who did NYC Dining Car

Interview with Michael Cirino of A Razor, A Shiny Knife:

Subway Subculture: I know you've received a lot of press and a lot of attention, what has been the most surprising response?
Nothing is terribly surprising as food is provocative and political no matter how lighthearted and simple you act. Actually the Daily Mail's article was the most surprising. They created an entire story based on the video, with details and facts that were completely fabricated. That blatant acceptance of the performance aspect of our event was shocking and it was nice to see them play along with the absurdity of the whole thing.

Subway Subculture: What was your favorite onlooker reaction to the luncheon?
There was a couple who stay on the train much longer than they expected trying to figure out how and what we were serving. They were very quizzical and enjoyed the extremity of the table side soup service a lot.

Subway Subculture: Do you feel that you could do this on other trains than the L, do you think people on the N or A trains would have responded so well?
To be honest the main reason that we chose the L was start location as being in an accessibly part of Manhattan and the length of the line. It is only 42 minutes long and we figured the less amount of time we have the less chance we have of making mistakes. I am sure that anyone would have found this funny.

Subway Subculture: What inspired you to do this, and what inspirations are you working with now for future lunches?
Well the idea of hosting performances on the subway system in NYC or any city is not new. We were driving in LA after an event in December and Jonny was sitting i the back of our rental car and we were throwing ideas around and he mentioned that we should host a dinner on the L train because it was convenient for him. So we agreed it was a good idea and then the holidays happened and we all got busy with different things, and about a month later i gave Jonny a call and said that i thought i had figured out how to actually do the lunch on the train. To which he responded, "great just tell me when and where to show up."

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